In accordance with the Shelby County Health Department Face Mask Order, masks or face coverings are  required for facility entry and must be worn before and after workouts.  During workouts, CFR relaxes mask use in keeping with the Order's exemption during "strenuous activity." 

CFR complies with all guidance and limitations set forth by Governor Lee's "Tennessee Pledge" for exercise facilities as well as local guidance for Shelby County.  Our procedures include:


- Limited facility capacity per Shelby County / Town of Arlington ordered Phase

- Modified schedule of classes to prevent overlap of class participants in the facility

- Limited total number of athletes in each class to allow for social distancing

- Athlete and staff cleaning procedures during and between classes

- Sharing of equipment only by members with 'same household-level contact' outside the gym

Stressful times call for exercise, healthy eating, and community... at a distance!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our COVID procedures.

Too often people are intimidated by “CrossFit” or think it’s only for competitive athletes. The reality is our programs are designed to develop fitness and improve health for ALL ages and experience levels.  Our coach-led classes cover a broad range of movements that can be modified to each person’s abilities without sacrificing the intent of the workout.  We’ve found that group classes are fun, foster accountability and consistency, and build an encouraging community that helps you achieve and exceed your fitness goals.



This program includes strength and conditioning through a variety of functional movements performed at high intensity that reflect the best aspects of weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and more. 

crossfit sweat

This is not CrossFit “Easy!”  This program includes conditioning, weights, and core work, with an emphasis on getting leaner and more toned.  Start here if you want a challenging workout but you’re new to CrossFit. 

reveille barbell

This technique class focuses on introducing and improving mechanics for the two Olympic lifts: Snatch and Clean-and-Jerk.  Participation is recommended before moving from the Sweat to CrossFit program.

crossfit kids

This program is meant to be BIG fun for athletes ages 8-11!  Focusing on establishing good mechanics, consistency, then intensity, this class lends itself to an active lifestyle, better health, and proper movement through childhood and adolescence. 

crossfit teens

This strength and conditioning program is designed for athletes ages 12-17, building on good movement and proper mechanics for overall fitness and enhanced sports performance. 


All of our classes include modifications for pre-natal (PN) and postpartum (PP) athletes to keep our mommas safely training longer in pregnancy and properly rebuilding after delivery.  Particular emphasis is placed on movements and modifications aimed at correcting diastasic recti, a coning in the belly, which can persist for years after pregnancy.

masters' pack

The CFR Masters' Pack is a group of competitive athletes age 35+ following COMPTRAIN programming and looking to break out in their age groups.  Led by 2-time Games Competitor Gus Vandervoort, athletes are peer-coached and generally train outside of posted class hours.  Participation is subject to invitation based on qualifications.



eight classes per month



twelve classes per month

unlimited classes per month


CrossFit Kids 6-week sessions, summer camps


75 or 99

CrossFit Teens eight or twelve classes per month

20 or 50

drop in per class or per week




contracts change or cancel any time

child care for 9:15am classes, infant to preschool

varies by coach

varies by plan

hourly one-on-one/small group fitness coaching

nutrition one-on-one/group coaching



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Gus VanDerVoort

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

USA Gymnastics


Gus grew up in Chicago Illinois, and spent more time in trees and on his hands than on his feet!   He competed on the Memphis State Gymnastics Team on a full scholarship (1979-1983), graduating with a degree in Secondary Education.   In 1982, he started coaching gymnastics and never looked back, opening River City Gymnastics School in 1987.   He started his CrossFit journey in 2011 at 49 years young, and started coaching shortly after that.  In 2017 and 2018, he placed 10th in the World at the CrossFit Games in the Masters Division.  Gus is committed to serving others and making fitness safe, fun, and productive for everyone.  He and his beautiful wife Kelly have four adult children.

Brandi Morgan

CrossFit Level 1

Brandi is a Nashville native who grew up playing softball, cheerleading, and becoming a grease monkey alongside her dad. The driving passion/obsession for cars continued through college.  In 2011, she became a flight attendant and then found her way to work in an airplane hangar.   There, she fell in-love with fast planes and her fiancé Aaron Turek.  They moved to Memphis for Aaron’s job with FedEx and have since traded the fast cars/planes for two (really) busy little ones who keep them on their toes. Birthing two beautiful babies kickstarted Brandi’s own fitness journey.  She developed a passion for helping others get healthy and develop a positive mindset, first as a group instructor for moms with babies in tow, then as a certified personal trainer.  In 2019, she found CrossFit, and it instantly won her heart.  She loves seeing others gain their strength and confidence through CrossFit while also finding their “tribe.”  You can find her somewhere between chasing toddlers & their fur baby Liam, chugging  coffee, and lifting heavy.

Jon Hanks

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

USA Weightlifting

Jon grew up in a small town and played the “normal” sports- baseball, football, and basketball, but never considered himself a great athlete.  He started training with CrossFit in 2010, where he discovered the joy of olympic weightlifting (mainly the fact that there wasn’t much running involved!).  He was successful in the local weightlifting circuit and stood on the podium (a distant 3rd) in a national meet that featured a guy who snatched 400#!  In real life, Jon is a Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic with Shelby County Fire.  When not studying weightlifting, Jon likes rucking and shooting.  He enjoys seeing that “ah-ha” moment when things comes together for an athlete that’s been practicing a skill for a long time, as well as the community that’s built around a group of people struggling through hard things together.  He is happily married to his wonderful wife Mistie.  They have two young kids and one fur baby.

Rachael Street

CrossFit Level 1

Rachael was born in raised in Ogden, Utah and graduated from Weber State University with a degree in family studies and education. Her fitness background includes basketball, dance, and group fitness classes, but in 2015, she moved back to Memphis and began doing CrossFit workouts with her husband Jonathan in their garage gym.  It quickly became her new favorite way to do recess.  She loves the community CrossFit provides and is passionate about helping others accomplish things they once never thought possible. She has a two year old son (Silas) and two golden doodles that keep her floors dirty and her heart happy! 

Jonathan Rhodes

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Kids

Jonathan grew up right here in Arlington, playing soccer and wrestling. CrossFit found him early, and he’s become a student of the sport and an excellent trainer. Rhodes loves helping people move better and be fitter.


When not at the gym, you’ll probably find him outdoors or at a sushi bar, and almost always with a quad espresso in his hands!

Allison Bruce

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2


Allison Bruce (owner/coach) grew up in East Texas where she was a competitive gymnast, mediocre ball player, then college cheerleader.  She graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2002 and served as a Surface Warfare Officer before getting married and starting a family.  She found CrossFit in Lorton, VA where a friend invited her to the “moms’ class.” The community, challenge and accountability the program offered kept her around for life.  She is passionate about inspiring people make healthier choices and especially loves helping people who think they could never do CrossFit overcome their insecurity.  While she can certainly move some weight on a barbell, the gymnast in her loves anything on her hands!  Allison and her husband Bob are retiring from Navy life in Arlington with their four school-aged kids and giant German Shepherd.  


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