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CrossFit Reveille's

barbell comp

September 30, 2023 - ARLINGTON, TN

Not your typical CrossFit comp OR Olympic weightlifting meet.  
This is your competition if you love ALL THINGS BARBELL!

Mixed teams of TWO

One male, one female athlete



Both athletes can Rx Grace, Isabel, DT

"Not As Heavy"

One or both athletes typically scale Grace, Isabel, DT

$185 per team

$199 per team

 after 6 Sep
no shirt after 20 Sep

Winners of Heavy Division will be awarded one 20kg and one 15kg cerakote bearing bar from HERO Barbell Co.

Winners of Not As Heavy Division will be awarded bar clips from HERO Barbell Co.

Athletes should be proficient at all
powerlifting and olympic barbell lifts



Female Heavy:

Female Not As Heavy:



Male Heavy:


Male Not As Heavy:


EMOM x 7min

Athlete will have 1min at each bar to COMPLETE a good rep SNATCH.  Power or squat is allowed.  Athlete may take as many attempts at a weight IN the minute as necessary to complete a good rep.  Rep must be off the ground before the minute expires and must finish and be locked out overhead, feet in line, and hips and knees locked out to be credited the rep.  Bar must move overhead in a continuous motion (no C+J) and cannot make contact with any part of the head or hair. 


For Time: 



Bench Press


CAP: 6min

DL/Bench weights

Female Heavy: 155/105

Female Not As Heavy: 105/75

Male Heavy: 225/155

Male Not As Heavy: 155/115

Partner 1 will complete 10 deadlifts.  Then Partner 2 will complete 10 deadlifts.  Partner 1 will then complete 10 bench press.  Partner 2 will then complete 10 bench press.  The workout continues back and forth until both partners complete the final 2 bench press.  


Deadlift: rep is credited when hips are fully locked out and shoulders are behind the bar.  Partner 2 cannot pick up their bar until Partner 1’s bar touches the ground at the end of their set. 


Bench: rep is credited when bar touches chest and is completed once arms are locked out above.  The final rep in a set must show lock out and a brief pause above the chest BEFORE it can be moved back to the rack.  There is no requirement for hips to remain in contact with the bench pad.  Partner 2 cannot take their bar from the rack until Partner 1’s bar is back in the rack at the end of their set.  

*** Note: Athletes will perform bench press from a Titan Hefty Pad on the ground, not an elevated bench.  Bars will rack in the rig on J-hooks.  ***


Partner 1 has 7min to complete:

30 Front Squats for time

In the remaining time, find a 2 rep max Front Squat


1min reset


Partner 2 has 7min to complete:

30 Front Squats for time

In the remaining time, find a 2 rep max Front Squat.

2 Reps must be completed (hips locked out) BEFORE time expires.


Score 1= combined time

Score 2= combined weight


Female Heavy: 95

Female Not As Heavy: 65

Male Heavy: 135

Male Not As Heavy: 95




To be announced on day of competition

Questions? TEXT CFR @ 901-430-0729

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